Permanent Outdoor Lights | FAQ

Permanent Outdoor Lights | The average house in Calgary has 1 30FT of front roofline for lights to be installed. An average 130FT install cost approximately $2,825 before tax. Installation costs can vary depending on installation complexity as well as soffit colour or the need for non standard track.

Mountainside Lights have an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours. Which works out to about 23 years based on average usage of 6 hours per day.

Yes, Mountainside Lights provides a 5-year product warranty as well as a 1-year labor warranty.

Each light in the Mountainside Lights system consumes 0.96 watts. An average home uses 130FT of lights and 1.33 lights per foot totalling 172 lights. Total consumption when the system is on is 165 watts. If you used your Mountainside Lights system 6 hours per day it would consume 29.7 KWH per month or $2.67 per month or $32 per year.

Yes, proprietary cloud control app Evergreen Hub is available for both Android and iPhone and allows you to control your Mountainside Lights from anywhere in the world.

Yes, you can set a daily timer as well as set a timer for holidays or special events.

Mountainside Lights LED’s are mounted in an aluminum track that matches the colour of your homes soffit and fascia. Our aluminum track is then tucked under the fascia cover and secured to the soffit using colour matched screws.

Our control box is waterproof and can be mounted either outside near an electrical outlet or inside the garage if exterior mounting is not possible.

Yes, the Mountainside Lights system has an industry leading IP68 waterproof rating. This means that our LED’s could be submersed in up to 1.5M of water for 30 minutes without damage, this is far greater than any exposure to water the weather can provide and allows our customer to be confident there system will remain reliable in all conditions.

Yes all components of the Mountainside Lights system are either UL or CSA certified and fully compliant with the National Electrical Code.

In the rare event a light goes out, a replacement is simple and quick and covered under our 5-year product warranty. Outside of our warranty period we are also happy to replace a light for a small service fee.

Our lights are spaced 9 inches apart. This results in the perfect balance of allowing your home to shine without drowning your home in light.

Yes, Mountainside Lights has been built to handle Canadian winters and our system has been tested down to -45 with no loss of brightness or performance. Our lights even work frozen in a block of ice!

Yes, at Mountainside Lights we love commercial installations and look forward to creating a custom solution for your business.

Yes, Mountainside Lights produces a number of track types including one specifically for flat roofs that mounts on the roofs capping or flashing.

Yes, Mountainside Lights keeps the most common soffit colours. We are also able to provide over 150 uncommon colours due to our in-house track manufacturing including matching wood soffits.