Architectural and Holiday Lighting

5 Year Warranty

Permanent Christmas Lights Calgary | Mountainside Lights

Smart Permanent Year-Round Outdoor Lighting

Permanent Christmas Lights Calgary | Our track, exclusive controller, and lights provides Mountainside Lights customers unparalleled control. Utilize our cloud enabled app to craft patterns, animations, and a spectrum of colors. Individually address each light to design captivating architectural patterns or infuse your home with a vibrant array of colors for any holiday or celebration.

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Elevate your space with custom lighting that reflects your style and spirit. Take the first step to transforming your home or business with our innovative lighting solutions. Fill out our form to get started with Mountainside Lights today and bring your lighting dreams to life!

Architectural Lighting

Mountainside Lights offers the highest quality Soffit Lights

  • Holiday and Architectural Lighting
  • User Friendly Cloud Based App
  • Infinite Colour Choice
  • Individual Control of Every Single Light
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • A Complete System Allowing Seamless Integration of Soffit Lights, Deck Lights and Landscape Lighting

Holiday Lighting

Mountainside Lights enhances holiday and architectural lighting with high-quality, customizable soffit lights. Their system integrates seamlessly with deck and landscape lighting, offering infinite color choices and individual light control via a user-friendly app. With a five-year warranty, this complete lighting solution ensures a dazzling display for any occasion.

Mountainside Lights App

Pick the exact light you want and showcase it in any colour or pattern of your choice! Infuse your home with lively hues for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any noteworthy event. Select a pattern or sync to music opting for the animation that enhances your home the most!